Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So everyone old enough to have a job in the house (except me) has a job. Perhaps I'll get more time to myself! My husband may have second job that'll provide benefits! Cool if it works out; should leave me with more time for painting and writing.

Writing not going so well last few days. Had some last minute changes to make on paintings that I took in to be included in the vote. We all vote to choose a painting for student show. My professor and I used veto power and chose something different than the popular vote. Of course that means I can't sell it before then. lol

Then I painted small pic of how my ear infections felt going over the mountain passes for brother's funeral. I sketched one of the elven fighters from LOTR on mon. Today, I woke up and had to paint. I got up, sketched out composition, then painted. It's pretty stunning. In one more year I'm going to be stupendous painter and writer that only a select group of people will have ever heard of.

But they will have a good story or work of art!!

Back to writing now. Enjoy the book. If you ordered my book when press release went out, you should have your copy soon!

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