Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love to write and paint, and yet, even those aren't always on my agenda. Today, I will do both. Or if I don't paint, I'll at least set something up in my sketchbook. I have a commission I have to start sketching for. I've worked out a couple of composition ideas in my head and need to put them to paper to see how I like them. I do 16 x 20 without thinking about composition. It pretty much comes naturally. As the canvases get larger, I have to think more. I also have to step back and look at it more to make sure I haven't made a serious error or left out a major problem. I also have found a major knack for 12 x 30 (what a weird size to find an affinity with! but then again, I've never done anything the "normal" way lol)

It seems that I'm channeling Georgia O'keefe or something. In fact, when my instructor saw what I was working on he stood there for a bit, looking at it. It was an extra credit assignment, and I had no real parameters. It just had to be good. He turned to me and said, been talking to Georgia O'Keefe have you? And I laughed. I'm thicker on paint because I work with oils and don't dilute much unless trying for a specific effect. Even so, when looking at certain pieces, you have to wonder if this is how O'Keefe would have painted with oils and palette knife.

I need to write my 5k+ words today to make up for yesterday and Friday's serious lack of words. I only wrote like 1200 words yesterday. UGH NOT ENOUGH. I have to many stories in my head waiting to get out. And there not all the same type, much less the same genre! Makes me crazy, or maybe, it all truly is why I'm still even the slightest bit sane. Wish me luck!

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