Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh boy

I've spent a lot of time tracking down distributers and trying to get the book for sale in "brick and mortar" stores. I've also spent beaucoup time painting and writing this week. I've led a very full life this week. I've gotten to spend lots of time with my children despite the rest of the things going on. I've written a romance short story which I've submitted to harlequin. I hope it goes :D. i'm working on lots of stories right now.

I read a wide variety of types and styles and I find my mood for writing to be similar. Therefore, I write what I'm in the mood to read. Otherwise I find elements that don't belong in the story I'm working on and just erase it anyway. This way is proving to be much more productive. I have another story about a third completed, that's not the sequel to Rebellion.

I'm rewriting the first four chapters, and putting things in different order for Blood Traitors, so my mind is busy working out the problems. When it figures out what I want to do, I will be working madly to get my ideas into the story before they are lost.

Right now, I'm in the mood for hard hitting romance that may or may not include paranormal elements. My short story included angels and demons. The other romance is military men and women. Blood Traitors is NOT a romance, although their will always be elements in my writitng because when I write, I incorporate people and people are about relationships. Their motivations, what makes them tick, what causes people to make good or bad decisions are what makes a story interesting in my book (ha ha pun intended lol).

In Blood Traitors, I started off too slow with too much explanation. NO NO NO!!! I'm fixing it and including more interesting elements and less explanation in some places and more in others. I want readers to enjoy the book if they haven't read Rebellion on Piza 7, but I DO NOT want those who've read Rebellion to be bored out of their minds on the repeats. Wish me luck in my endeavor!

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