Saturday, June 27, 2009

YA challenge

There's a challenge going out on one of the blogs I read for networking, information, etc. it's to write 1000k words a day for one month and there are rewards. I can do that, I've averaged more than that this week, but had 2 days that were under that. So for me, the trick will be to stick with it.

I would like anyone who reads my blogs, or twitter or anything to keep me accountable. Use comments, twitter, whatever works. For the rules and what I'm supposed to be living up to, here's the link Also, it's open to anyone who wants to follow those rules. Tell anyone you want my blog page and twitter account and be my cheering group/task master whichever is needed on any given day. I'll make it my goal to have it written by 5 pm (or 1700 hours for you military types). Any takers?

PS It doesn't have to be a YA novel. I haven't decided what my novel will be. I still have a few days left to choose.

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