Friday, June 19, 2009

Rebellion on Piza Seven

I want to thank my MIL (or mother-in-law for those who don't know). She is always supportive of my writing. She (and dad) watched my boys for me while I was at rehearsal for the melodrama I'm in. When we picked them up, she was updating her myspace blog telling everyone where the book signing is! How's that for support. Thanks MOM.

Rumor has it that Borders put it out on shelf yesterday! I've had many requests for this book. Buy it soon, so they have time to replace for book signing. Or, show up for the signing early to be sure and get one!

Many people have asked for my book, and I don't want anyone to miss out! (Of course I don't or I wouldn't have sought publication or even wrote a book LOL)

I'm waiting for an edit for the sequel, Blood Traitors, so I know where I want to go. hmmm. That's not quite right. I'm waiting for the edit to see if its heading where it needs to go. I know what I want. Action, psychic adventure, not-so-alien aliens, and the sense of betrayal the people of Phalo and Onch are going through and how that affects Savannah (or maybe vice-versa? probably both.)

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