Saturday, June 27, 2009

The muse

I think my new slogan will be "May the muse be with you." My family and I are big Star Wars fans. The release of the second set of Star Wars movies was an integral part of our courtship. I had two children, 7 and 5, and he took them as well as me out with all his single male friends to see the movie Phantom Menace (he still doesn't understand how I knew he was serious about me LOL). After that we went to the midnight showings of the next two and rewatch all the Star Wars Episodes frequently.

it seems whether you are a writer, painter, or any craftsman, having a muse is an obvious benefit. But for those in business, I don't see why you wouldn't want a muse anyway. Innovative ideas and good people management can often need some major inspiration.

My muse has been a little slow on the uptake the last few days. No doubt it is the result of being out of my thyroid meds catching up with me. But last night, it vurst out for an half hour frenzy of writing out of nowhere that produced 1500 words. Ask anywriter, the muse has to be with you to accomplish that. (My daughter made fun of how I typed so insanely fast and also how it sounds like I'm using a traditional trypewriter rather than a lapboard when I go that fast.)

Thank God for My Aunt Mel (may be the title of a future book) for she taught me to type on a very old, possiblyt ORIGINAL typewriter when I was ten years old. I took keyboarding in junior high and highschool and typed too fast for the typewriters. I am very happy with the speed I'm allowed to type on computers, although the older keyboards are slowing up on me as I write more and more on computer instead of paper. My typing skills are increasing as well as my accuracy. (I'm finding mistakes later in my posts, but for most part, I don't edit so it's how I originally typed it.)

BTW, before you all think I'm fifty years old, I'm thirty six. The computer revolution started when I was in grade school and has yet to stop or slow down. Anyways, I digress. I have to start bugging hubby to finish edits so I can get back to work on the sci-fi sequel. (he always seems to find some integral piece of action I've glossed over or something. It's rather annoying, but helpful to my writing. Sometimes I get going so fast, I forget to put in enough details in my rush to not lose the thought. Oh well, I'll just write another short story. Maybe one of them will sell.

Would be nice right about now, that's for sure. Here's to everyone's muse and success in their endeavors!

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