Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yeah I wrote today, HI MOM

Today I've written 4k words (that I kept, more if you count the stuff that walked the plank :) and I'm writing more, baby be good. LOL

Mom, I'm thinking of you with your melted key lmao. That is too funny! I'll let you post a comment to tell everyone what happened, if you want to. I mentioned you left for a little trip for your anniversary. Who knew how very HOT it would get? I'm cracking up here.

My romantic story of 55k has turned into a thriller with romantic overtones (Relationships are always important in my stories, whether lovers or enemies and everything in between. how we interact can make the story). I started this for the Harlequin Blaze line, but its taking on a life of its own. It's called Winds of Fire and it'll be follwed by Streams of Ice. I can write multiple books at once and keep them as straight as writing one, but I've discovered they have to be different genres. I can't write two fantasies at once, for instance. I've taken to starting files to write down ideas and plots and the characters as I see them so I can start one as I finish another. I am working on Blood Traitors as my sci-fi but have another story working itself out in my head. I've put the essential details down in a file though. I think it's a weird quirk to be able to keep stories straight but not if they're the same type.

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