Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I didn't get my post written yesterday. I did get one of my short stories submitted to a publisher, though. It's hard being the only one in the family having a license. I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off (have you ever seen this? It's a very apropo comment! BTW I don't suggest you ever see this if you have problem with blood or gore :). I went crazy mom/wife last night. I yelled at my husband and the kids heard cuz some of it was for them.

I'm tired of coming home and having to take care of things that really should have been done while I was gone. I have heard many women talk about how their husbands can't/won't do this or that (including myself) but my husband is so much more capable than that. So are my kids. But they choose not to be.

My teenagers start work today. One of the reasons I was so upset last night, is the stuff I wanted done yesterday isn't done. Everyone is supposed to do hour of chores everyday unless the house is Martha Stewart perfect. I don't care what kind of work they do once the main stuff is done (dishes, laundry) but I can't even get a half hour of the main stuff out of them. Now they're all off to work. Everyone already treats my writing like a hobby or worst, patronize me about it. I've been published. I've had sales. Next month we will get money. It's a job.

Of course, when I was working full time plus, I still couldn't get them to do anything. I'd come home at 8, no dinner and a dirty kitchen so I couldn't even make dinner. I'M NOT DOING THAT AGAIN. I'm not going to spend eight hours a day cleaning and cooking while everyone else comes home and lays around. I have a job too. The only thing that's going to get my time away from writing outside of my research and necessary marketing stuff, is my kids.

Since that's the only advantage to working from home for me, I'm going to take advantage. But I'm tired of the excuses and only getting help when they feel like it, or when I go b***** on their a****. BTW did I say I'm angry? I've spent all my working years coming home to crap and having to be the heavy hand and make everyone get chores done so now I'm just a grumpy b****. I get accused of having to have things my way. FINE. GUESS WHAT/ NOW THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MY WAY. Things have gotten so bad that now, instead of being late half the time he goes anywhere, my son and his friend think they can lollygag around and stop to eat AFTER the time I told them I needed him home. His friend keeps saying "We just stopped for food." I could just scream. They went 20 minutes out of their way to stop for food in a place with like 5 (Literally 5) restaurants instead of bringing him home to where there are over hundred restaurants and food in the house. AND they didn't get it to go. They stayed there and ate!

I called the friends mom as this is an ongoing theme with the boys and haven't heard back. She's with the boys. It was just food. I COULD SCREAM. It was just another blatant blowing off of the curfew I've set. There's always an excuse. We were tired. We over slept. I wanted this or that. I had one time a few weeks ago that I got called 2 hours after the curfew that his mom was too tired to go the 2 miles off the free way she needed to to bring him home. They had promised he would be home by ten. midnight is not the time to call me and say you're not coming home.

I'm going to call her again in few days. If I don't like what I hear he is not going to concert at the end of the summer with them. Am I jsut being pissy? Or would you go crazy if your son and his friend repeatedly came home after the time set? And wouldn't you be upset if the mom didn't give a s*** either?


  1. I'm the tough mom and long before this, I would have put my foot down and grounded (his, or in my case, her) butt. He's not paying rent, he's not contributing, he needs to at least be respectful of the rules that YOU as a parent establish. When he is out on his own, he can make up his own rules. Your house, your rules. Keep repeating that to yourself.

    As for the friend's mom, she is undermining your authority in your house. Personally, I'd make the rule of "Without 24 hours notice, you do not go out and if your chores are not complete then I reserve the right to reverse any decision on going out at the last minute". Asking for dishes to be done in a timely manner is not unreasonable. I would also make up a chart with stuff that needs to be done. If you need to, offer some sort of incentive. With teenagers, you can't show fear and you can't bluff your way out.

    Good Luck Sweetie

  2. Thanks for the support. I've pretty much done that. It has helped for him getting a chore done. The part I'm going to add is 'without 24 hours notice. I like that :)